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home health aideWhat are the differences between Home Health Aides, Nurses and Therapists?
A Home Health Aide is a trained staff member who can help our clients with custodial needs such as preparing meals, changing bed linens, doing laundry, assisting with bathing and personal care and making sure you get your medication. A Nurse is a licensed staff member who, under doctor’s orders, manages a patient's health condition following hospitalization or his onset of a health condition. A Therapist is a licensed individual who assists in the physical recovery of a patient following the onset of a health condition. A Therapist develops physical routines for a patient that helps in one's recovery.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
Medicare is a government program available to all persons over the age of 65. Medicare pays for a variety of health maintenance programs for persons in their homes, including nursing and therapy. Medicaid is a government assistance program available to qualified individuals who are unable to financially pay for health or well-being services. One does not need to be 65 years old to qualify for Medicaid services.

Do I need to have a doctor request for a Nurse or Therapists?
Yes, when a person has a need that is provided by a nurse or therapist, a doctor's order is mandatory. The nurse or therapist works under the doctor and communicates to the doctor the patient's progress. The doctor monitors the progress and directs the care of the patient.

Do I need to have a doctor request a Home Health Aide?
No, since Home Health Aides assist with daily living activities that are non-medical in nature. Often, however, if services are covered under a medical insurance of any type, an order by the doctor is usually requested, and the patients progress is documented and tracked by the medical insurance company.

How long can I have your services for?
Excellacare services are available to anyone for any length of time necessary. Services covered under Medicare generally are paid for, initially for 60 days, and additional periods are authorized if needed.

What areas of town do you cover for your services?
Services are available in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties. Services in other counties may be available based on staff availability.

Why should I go with a Home Health Care Agency?
Excellacare's personnel are bonded and insured, covered for workmens' compensation and unemployment. We are able to provide a substitute person if your regular caregiver is ill or requests time off. Since all of our staff members are employees, not contractors, we make sure all the federal and state taxes are paid and we make all the FICA contributions. If you do not have services through on agency, these financial and insurance obligations become part of your own obligation and can be quite paperwork intensive.

What does Bonded and Insured mean?
All Excellacare staff, before hiring, are checked for credentials and work experience. Once the staff is hired, Excellacare provides additional insurance to our clients by professionally insuring them for liability. Bonding provides insurance for staff handling financial transactions.

Can I request a different Aide if I want?
Yes, of course. If you feel that the staff provided does not meet your needs for any reason, a new staff member can be requested. Perhaps you need extended hours that the staff cannot commit to, or maybe your needs change and the staff originally provided is no longer qualified to attend to your needs. Staff with all types of training is available.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time and/or service in order to use Excellacare?
Excellacare provides services on an hourly or visit basis. Any number of visits can be ordered, however, Excellacare usually asks our clients for a four-hour minimum on an hourly basis. We accept all major credit cards, health insurances and private pay.

Do you monitor the Home Health Aides, Nurses and Therapists?
All staff members are monitored by our professional office staff. The staff provides weekly progress notes to management, who carefully check the work and or progress of the client. Our staff is supervised by a Registered Nurse. All staff maintains regular contact and training by our management. Routine home supervisory visits by management are made on a regular basis. 24-hour, on-call supervision is also available.

I want to use Excellacare, how do I begin?
Call our office and speak to one of the coordinators for your care need. You will be directed to the individual who can best help you get started. This service does not cost you anything; we do not have any registration fees or hidden costs.